About Continua

We are on a mission to revolutionize how people interact with information, services, and each other by applying always-on, deeply integrated language models. We are a well-funded AI startup supported by a cast of all-star investors and led by a former Google Distinguished Engineer who had a front row seat to the future of technology in general and AI/ML in particular. We’re seeking a pantheon of software engineers whose combined abilities cover ML, systems/infrastructure, iOS, Android, and web frontend. You may be an ideal candidate if you feel the urgency of this moment in computing history and recognize the opportunity of applying recent advances in machine learning to new domains. Check out the Careers page for currently open positions.

We’re incredibly excited by the prospects of this interesting and rapidly evolving technology — it's a phase shift, like ice to water, or water to steam. We're only at the beginning of seeing how we can apply it toward creating transformative utility and benefits to everyone. Together, we'll bring our vision of personal agents endowed with LLMs to the world. It will be hard work, there are open-ended problems to solve, but it will be an adventure.

David Petrou

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